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Comparison of Laboratory and Field Assessment of Fluorene— Part I: Effects of Fluorene on the Survival, Growth, Reproduction, and Behavior of Aquatic Organisms in Laboratory Tests. Validation and predictability of laboratory methods for assessing the fate and effects of contaminants in aquatic ecosystems, ASTM STP 865. T.P. Boyle, ed. Philadelphia. 1985 + REF
Comparison of Laboratory and Field Assessment of Fluorene - Part II: Effects on the Ecological Structure and Function of Experimental Pond. P.Boyle (Ed.), Validation and Predictability of Laboratory Methods for Assessing the Fate and Effects of Contaminants in Aquatic Ecosystems, 1st Symposium, ASTM STP 865, Philadelphia, PA:134-151 1985 + REF
Effects of short-time exposure to naphthalene, methyl-, and hydroxynaphthalenes on two different embryonic stages of cod (Godus Morhua). Sarsia 70(4), 279-285 1985 + REF
Sublethal effects of the water-soluble fraction of ekofisk crude oil on the early larval stages of cod (Gadus morhua L.). Marine Environmental Research 11(1), 1-16 1984 + REF
Toxic effects of hydroxylated aromatic hydrocarbons on marine embryos. Sarsia 70, 11-16 1985 + REF
Effects of Oil Dispersants and Oil Emulsions on Marine Animals. Water research 7(11), 1649-1672 1973 + REF
Long-term effects of crude oil on microbial processes in subarctic marine sediments: Studies on sediments amended with organic nutrients. Marine Pollution Bulletin 13(8), 273-278 1982 + REF
Short-term effects of polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons on sea-surface microlayer phytoneuston. Bulletin of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology 38(6), 1037-1043 1987 + REF
Effects of chronic exposure to petroleum hydrocarbons on two species of marine fish infected with a hemoprotozoan, Trypanosoma murmanensis. Canadian Journal of Zoology 65(11), 2703-2709 1987 + REF
Effects of oil exposure on oxygen consumption of cod eggs and larvae. Marine Environmental Research 17, 266-268 1985 + REF