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Title Publication Year + ALL
Toxicity and chemical reactivity of naphthalene and methylnaphthalenes. Aquatic Toxicology 5, 291-306 1984 + REF
Comparison of the toxicity thresholds of water pollutants to bacteria, algae and protozoa in the cell multiplication inhibition test. Water research 14(3), 231-241 1980 + REF
Acute toxicity and toxicokinetics of 4-heptylphenol in juvenile Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua L.). Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry 17(4), 740-746 1998 + REF
Toxicity of selected chlorobenzenes to aquatic organisms. Chemosphere 12(2), 253-262 1983 + REF
Acute toxicity of oil to the cold water copepod Calanus finmarchicus - A: Developing QSARs and validation with single oil components Unpublished, manuscript in prep + REF
Assessment of anthracene toxicity toward environmental eukaryotic microorganisms: Tetrahymena pyriformis and selected micromycetes. Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety 60(1), 87-100 2005 + REF
Testing toxicity of volatile substances with algae. Chemosphere 10, 1123-1126 1981 + REF
Toxicity of water-soluble extracts of No.2 fuel oil to the freshwater alga Selenastrum capricornutum. Develop. Industr. Microbiol. 21, 401-409. 1980 + REF
The toxicity of crude oil and its components to freshwater algae. American Petroleum Institute// In: Proceedings, Joint Conference on Prevention and Control of Oil Spills. American Petroleum Institute, Washington, D.C. 703-714. 1973 + REF
The influence of growth medium composition on the toxicity of chemicals to algae. Water Research 22(12), 1593-1597 1988 + REF