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6.2.2 Arctic ecosystem compartments in the dataset Pack ice

Five different animal species (1 fish, 1 copepod and 3 amphipod species) have been used in toxicity testing comprising a total number of 31 studies. Five papers have investigated the biological effects of petroleum related compounds on sea ice bacteria and algae. Pelagic

Toxicity data evaluating the effects of oil and treated oil on pelagic communities were dominated by studies on three species of copepods (14 studies) and fish (20 studies).  Two studies dealt with the effects of oil on water-column phytoplankton.  None of the studies included euphausiids (krill). Benthic

The benthic compartment has the most diverse group of species used in ecotoxicological research with 32 different animal species dominated by crustaceans (17 species) and molluscs (11 species). Threemacroalgae species have also been reported. Eight studies at the community level (whole community, meiofauna, microalgae and bacteria) could be identified.